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About OnPoint Technology Group, Inc

At OnPoint Technology Group, Inc., we have worked with more than 400 small and medium size organizations having as few as one or as many as several hundred computers. Our client list includes growing companies in a variety of industries as well as numerous local government and educational institutions. Our home computing customers know us and trust us in their homes.

Founded by Rageen Trivedi in 2002, OnPoint Technology Group, Inc. is your single source solution for technology at work and at home. We have developed considerable expertise servicing the demanding needs of prestigious medical practices and law firms.

For our customers there can be NO down time. And we deliver.

Representative Clients (Partial Listing)

There are many options for managing your computing resources. You can do it yourself, you can hire one of those guys who work out of that silly car, or you can work with the experts at OnPoint Technology Group, Inc. We have a long track record of pointing you to the technologies that support your business and your home.